Resolution Urging Washington State Adoption of the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Program

Resolution Urging Washington State Adoption of the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Program


WHEREAS the climate crisis requires bold action to reduce carbon emissions[1];

WHEREAS gasoline is the single largest source of carbon emissions in Washington State[2];

WHEREAS the electricity that powers electric vehicles in Washington State is overwhelmingly produced by renewable energy[3];

WHEREAS electric vehicles do not emit carbon or other pollutants nor leak motor oil into waterways;

WHEREAS the cost of electric vehicles is at or in approximate parity with comparable gasoline-powered vehicles on a lifetime cost-of-ownership basis[4];

WHEREAS ten states–California, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine–have adopted the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) program[5] first developed in California, and the state of Colorado is close to adopting it as well[6];

WHEREAS the ZEV program requires that 2.5% of each automaker’s vehicles sold in the state be electric in 2019, rising to approximately 8% by 2025[7];

WHEREAS the ZEV program has already resulted in a greater availability and variety of electric vehicles, more consumer choice, and lower prices, in the states that have adopted it[8], and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we urge the Washington State Legislature to promptly enact legislation to adopt the ZEV program; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution, when adopted, be sent promptly to Governor Inslee and to each of our State Senators and Representatives.





Originated by Arvia Morris of LD43, Matthew Metz, of Coltura, and edited by Dean Fournier of LD32.