Welcome to the 43rd LD Environmental Caucus

We are a volunteer organization.

Our mission:  To promote the protection of threatened natural resources – in particular the climate – vital for healthy communities, a healthy ecosystem and a sustainable economy in Washington.

To forward our mission we promote policies, legislation, platforms, positions, resolutions and endorsements within the 43rd District Democrats.  We also partner with other organizations who share our values and goals.

our work on climate is guided by these points:

  • Policy must be rooted in principles of equity and climate justice.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions must start dropping now to reach the needed reduction target of 45% by 2030.
  • We need bold policy for the built environment, energy production and transportation.
  • We must oppose new fossil fuel infrastructure and keep fossil fuels in the ground.

What to do about Plastics Pollution?

Pam Clough from Environment Washington gave a great presentation to the Caucus on the plastics packaging problem, and what we in Washington can do about it. Many manufacturers are now shipping products in packaging made from multiple types of materials (e.g., an aluminum can with a plastic lining) that make them unrecycleable. So Environment Washington…

Seattle Comprehensive Plan Update

At our last meeting, Robin Briggs gave a presentation on Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan, explaining what the plan is, how the update process works, how it effects our region’s greenhouse gas emissions, and outlining some policies to consider. Click the article to get a link to the slides.

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