Seattle Mayoral Climate Pledge 2021

UPDATE 10/1: Both candidates have signed!

I pledge to lead Seattle’s fight against climate change. I will propose and advocate for policies, programs, budgets and revenue that reduces GHG emissions by 58% by 20302, with a path to achieve zero emissions of greenhouse gases city-wide by 2050. This will be done with transparency and a commitment to climate justice, so no one falls short on the essentials of life and livelihood as we make this transition. To achieve our 2030 goals1  and beyond, I further pledge to take specific actions for the two largest GHG emission sources and to follow through with the governance actions described below:

The Building Decarbonization Pledge: I pledge to support and champion policies and programs to immediately drive energy efficiency and a transition away from using fossil fuels in new and existing buildings – with the ultimate goal of eliminating use of virtually all fossil fuels in buildings in Seattle. I will ensure that vulnerable communities are the first to benefit from this transition and that workers, particularly those in fossil fuel related industries, are included in the planning for its implementation. To accelerate decarbonization of existing buildings I pledge to:

  1. In my first year, develop an updated implementation plan to transition most buildings away from fossil fuel heating by initially reducing building GHG emissions 39% by 20302
  2. Advocate for state legislation to allow Seattle City Light to incentivize conversion from fossil fuels used for building heating to electricity and to implement the incentives when the legislation passes3;
  3. Fund in each year’s budget, increased incentives and programs for building energy efficiency upgrades and decarbonization with a priority on low-income, BIPOC and vulnerable communities4;
  4. Work with the City Council to pass legislation to establish GHG targets and programs for commercial and multifamily buildings with anti-workforce displacement measures5.

The Transportation Decarbonization Pledge: I pledge to champion policies and programs to achieve a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from transportation each year by improving access to alternatives to automobiles and accelerating the conversion to electric vehicles. To accelerate the decarbonization of transportation, I pledge to:

  1. Make transit more frequent, convenient and reliable through funding for Metro from the Transportation Benefit District, sufficient to meet the transit ridership goals set in the City Comprehensive Plan6;
  2. Fund and implement the Pedestrian7 and Bicycle Master Plans8;
  3. Fund and implement the City’s Seattle’s Clean Transportation Electrification Blueprint9to pave the way for electric vehicles;
  4. Propose budget funding and implement the SDOT EVSE  Roadmap for Shared Mobility Hubs10program to convert the fleets of taxis and rideshare vehicles to electric; 
  5. Seek funding to restore the West Seattle and Ballard Link Light Rail schedule11

The Governance and Climate Justice Pledge:

I pledge to be accountable to the climate goals set out by ordinance and the Office of Sustainability and Environment, to work transparently to achieve these goals and to keep equity at the front of our considerations. I pledge to start work as soon as I take office by:

  1. Prioritizing climate action within my cabinet, providing accountability and external and interdepartmental coordination on climate goal actions; 
  2. Working in close collaboration with the City Council to implement the City’s climate strategy and issue an Annual Report on the status of City climate change and climate justice actions;

Launching, in my first year, a highly visible public education program on the benefits and technical requirements of building and transportation decarbonization.


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