State Legislation

Here’s a group of us at the Washington State Capitol lobbying for our bills

The 2020 session is now over. For an excellent summary of the session from the Washington State Environmental Caucus, see

Here’s a list of our legislative priorities for the 2020 session, with status for each one:

  • ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle) adopts California’s emission standards for passenger cars and light trucks and require 3% of all cars sold to be electric, rising to about 8% by 2025. 10 other states have this program already. Passed and signed into law.
  • Clean Fuels lowers the carbon intensity of vehicle fuels. Similar to bills passed in previous years by California and Oregon. Passed the House in 2020 as House Bill 1110, did not pass Senate. See legislative summary.
  • Sustainable Farming. Passed and signed into law.
  • Clean Cars 2030 requires all model-year 2030 or later passenger vehicles sold in Washington state to be electric. People can keep their 2029 and earlier gas cars as long as they wish. Sponsored by Nicole Macri as HB 2515, failed to pass the House Transportation Committee.
  • I-976. Passed in 2019 November Election, awaiting court judgement. All transportation related jurisdictions in Washington will have to evaluate next steps. DOT released this statement putting projects and spending on hold for at least six months. King County Metro has this statement as well as FAQ. Discussion on the impact to Sound Transit here.

For a more complete listing of environmental bills before the legislature this year, see Civic Action from 350 Seattle.