Decarbonizing Buildings

Special guests Sandra Mallory, Duane Jonlin and Amy Wheeless joined us for November’s meeting. Sandra Mallory is the Sustainable Building Manager for the City of Seattle in the Office of Sustainability & Environment. She spoke about Seattle’s current programs for decarbonization of buildings, with some thoughts about how to extend decarbonization to more buildings in the city. Duane Jonlin from the Seattle Department of Codes and Inspection, talked about the new Energy Codes that will be up before the City Council next month. And Amy Wheeless from the Northwest Energy Coalition talked about advocacy opportunities at the local and state levels.

In addition, Jeff Berner presented on the State’s new proposed Energy Policy, and Jim Street presented on the city’s budget negotiations, which are drawing to a close.

Slides on all of these are available if you click on the links.

In addition, some links from the meeting notes that may be helpful:

The Northwest Energy Coalition is sponsoring a webinar on financing on Nov. 16: Expanding Access to Energy Efficiency Financing Tools and Programs.

More information on the Oil Conversion program.

City of Seattle budget projections can be found with the legislation records, here

City of Seattle Energy Code changes

The Office of Sustainability & Environment has information on their Environmental Justice Council and equity agenda.

There was legislation proposed last year by Councilmember Mike O’Brian to ban new gas hookups.

The draft State Energy Strategy policy is here

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