Doughnut Economics

At our June meeting, Jeff Berner gave a talk on Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth, a new theory of economics that takes into account the balance between having enough for humans to live well vs staying within our ecological limits. This is in contrast to more traditional growth-based economics that measure success by GDP. This new Doughnut Economics model is now being used by Amsterdam and Portland, OR. as part of their city planning. This is being done in coordination with C40, a global group of cities, including Seattle, that are working together on reducing climate change. Seattle could adopt this framework as well, and we discussed communicating with the city on this issue.

<a title="DoughnutEconomics, CC BY-SA 4.0 ;, via Wikimedia Commons” href=””>Doughnut (economic model)

Here are the slides from Jeff’s talk. You can also checkout the site Doughnut Economics Action Lab for more info, or read Kate Raworth’s book Doughnut Economics.

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